Product Material: PP

  • Jar T-65 · 50 ML

    A 50 ml cosmetic jar size is a popular choice for skincare products such as creams. It's a convenient size…
  • Jar · T-22 · Refill · 50ML

    The jar is made with a reflective finish. The surface transparent of the jar is decorated with intricate designs and…
  • Jar · T-85 · 50 ML

    The perfect solution for all your skincare needs! the ultimate way to apply your favorite beauty products. Our innovative packaging…
  • T33 - cosmetic packaging

    Jar · T-33 · 50 ML

    The Sustainable cosmetic packaging Luxury jar 50ml - Ovni is an eco-friendly and luxurious packaging solution designed for high-end cosmetic…
  • Jar · T-34 – 7 ML

    When it comes to packaging jar for your nails, it's important to choose a product that is both convenient and…
  • Jar · T-50 · Refill · 200 ML

    The Black & White T50 Luxury Jar 200ml is perfect for storing a variety of skincare & hair products. Its…
  • Jar · T-104 · 200ML

    When it comes to skincare, luxury and elegance go hand in hand. And what better way to pamper yourself than…
  • Jar · T-67 · 50 ML

    Introducing the ultimate indulgence for your skin - Ice Cube Cosmetic's luxury skincare line. Our luxurious packaging skincare jar line…
  • Jar · T-46 · 50 ML

    The soft pink color exudes femininity and elegance, making it ideal for beauty products that cater to women. The sleek…
  • Jar ·T-123 · 50 ML

    Introducing our new cosmetic monomaterial product, now available in a convenient 50 ml size. Our Monomaterial cosmetic jar is perfect…

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