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Faca Packaging , worldwide leader in design and production of high-end cosmetic packaging

With a journey of more than 50 years in the cosmetic packaging sector, Faca currently has more than 300 active patents, a very agile R&D system and two production centers for molds and packaging respectively, based in Barcelona.

1) Mold Design manufacturing

High performance molds

Our great qualified team will develop and manufacture any custom mold under high quality standards, adjusting to the most demanding demands.

-Adaptation of the part for manufacturing by injection.

-Mold customized design.

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2) Packaging Manufature

Mould Injection

– 40 state-of-the-art  injection machines, up to 2,000 bar; most of them electrically driven

– Use of a wide variety of technical, recycled and bio-based plastics

– Adapted to short and long series, from small pieces up to 950 cm3 injection cycle

– Digitized production control with monitoring of all process parameters

3) Designs

Decoration and Screen Printing

– Spraying inner and outer of the jars and caps

– Faded spraying in 2 colors

– Metallization of different jar and cap

– Components in shiny and matt colors

– Moulded in color any jar or cap component
Frosting of any jar and cap component

– Iriodine spraying technique – special effect of 2 colors

– Pearl – spray or moulded

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We have a mold factory and workshop to make your packaging with all kind of finishes.

Our Energy

100 % green Energy, we produce everything from renewable sources

In all our facilities we use renewable energy to reduce the environmental impact.



Faca Packaging is dedicated to reducing the impacts of oil-based plastics, being the benchmark related to recycled materials, bio and refillable designs.
With this set to produce packaging through our state-of-the-art technology factories.

We have experience in plastic injection molding. We innovate both in methods and in processes.

We tailor our production to each client’s needs, with high quality and competitive prices.

Furthermore, we have the capacity to produce a wide range of shapes, sizes, and volumes.

Our History

Faca Packaging, more than 50 years

  1. Faca Packaging begins its activity with its first factory in Santa Maria D’Oló (Barcelona)

  2. First manufacturing workshop in Barcelona

  3. Second factory in Cornella ( Barcelona )

  4. Expansion factory in Santa Maria D’Oló (Barcelona) and introduction of 100% clean room manufacturing

  5. Obtaining ISO – 9001 and 100% clean room production and decoration

  6. Third plant in Santa Maria D’Oló (Barcelona)

  7. Complete remodeling of the Cornella plant (Barcelona)

  8. Expansion of the Santa Maria D’Oló plant (Barcelona)

  9. 50th anniversary Expansion of the Cornella plant. 21.000m Total area of all factories

  10. Connected Packaging – www.iotpackaging.beauty | digitization of packaging

  11. Manufacturing Process Diversification Project www.faca.global

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