Local Manufacturing: An Additional Boost towards Sustainability through PET Material

In a society increasingly conscious of planet conservation, finding sustainable solutions has become a priority for many companies and consumers. In this context, the new range of packaging made from PET and rPET stands out above other options in the cosmetic industry, offering a sustainable alternative without compromising the attractive aesthetics and quality inherent to the sector.

Faca Packaging has developed jars and dispensers made of PET, with highly innovative attributes. These containers can achieve a significant thickness (≥ 10mm) while maintaining impeccable transparency with a neutral tone. In cosmetics, transparency not only allows consumers to see the product inside the container but also creates an aesthetic experience that translates into a perception of high quality.

In addition to the notable characteristics of transparency, luxury, and quality offered by thick-walled PET and rPET jars and dispensers, there is another essential aspect that reinforces their position in the industry: local manufacturing. In an increasingly globalized world, local production not only has economic benefits but also has a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

By opting for local manufacturing of jars and dispensers, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing emissions associated with long-distance transportation. Furthermore, by supporting local production, economic growth in nearby communities and industrialization is encouraged, which in turn creates skilled job opportunities.

Similarly, working closely with local manufacturers establishes a supplier-client relationship that promotes and stimulates innovation processes and the development of new products, as well as the implementation of sustainable and ethical practices in the production and marketing processes.

A Sustainable and Transparent Future Accompanies the Luxury Cosmetics Sector

In the beverage and consumer goods market, PET has long been one of the most widely used materials, partly due to the possibility of recovery and reuse for new packaging. In fact, it is considered one of the most recyclable plastics since consumer-used containers can be recycled and reintroduced into the value chain. Faca Packaging’s technological proposal goes a step further, allowing the availability of PET containers with features that were previously unattainable.

Thick-walled PET and rPET jars and dispensers, locally manufactured, not only offer an alternative in the high-end and luxurious cosmetics sector but also represent a tangible commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

By adopting this combination of quality, sustainability, and local manufacturing attributes, companies are not only addressing present needs but also building a future where packaging reflects shared values of environmental care and social responsibility. In this journey toward a more sustainable future, packaging becomes symbols of exceptional products, both in their content and their contribution to more responsible consumption.

The Eco-Design in action that Faca Packaging has been applying to the development of new products for years culminates in the range of PET containers. The possibility of using these recyclable and recycled materials combines with the refillable functionality of the containers. Finally, the different decorative techniques offered allow for finished containers that appeal to the senses while achieving a higher level of sustainability.

Unlike glass, PET and rPET jars and dispensers are significantly lighter, reducing transportation costs. Regarding the carbon footprint, the advantage is even greater as both the energy used in manufacturing and associated emissions are remarkably lower. Faca Packaging has also embraced the concept of refillability across its range of jars, making it easier for brands and consumers to reduce packaging waste and promote more sustainable consumption practices.

Innovation, Transparency, and Sustainability

In summary, thick-walled and transparent PET and rPET jars and dispensers embody the essence of the taste and beauty inherent in cosmetic products and represent a significant step toward a more sustainable future.

Thanks to initiatives like Faca Packaging, the high-end cosmetics industry can continue to create and offer innovative proposals to consumers, consistent with the values and demands of the current market.



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