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Jar · T120 · Refill · 250 ML

Introducing our groundbreaking 250ml refill packaging jar – your definitive solution for sustainable beauty in classic black and white. Embrace a skincare routine that’s not only opulent but also environmentally conscious. Our refill system ensures that you can effortlessly replenish your favorite products without compromising on style.

Experience the same exquisite formulations you cherish, now in a sleek 250ml jar designed to be refilled time and time again. With each refill, you’re not just nurturing your body, skin, or hair; you’re making a resounding statement in support of sustainability.

Make the switch to our black and white 250ml refill packaging jar today and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Refill, replenish, and revel in the knowledge that you’re part of a community devoted to safeguarding the planet, one jar at a time. Thank you for embracing eco-friendly beauty with us.

Product Types: Jar
Product Lids:
Product Lines: Round
Product Capacity: 250 ml
Product Businesses: SkinCare, HairCare, BodyCare
Airless: No
Refill: Yes
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