Faca Packaging celebrates the collaboration carried out in this new project with GRUPO LIFE GOURMET CATERING, which goes beyond the mere provision of catering services. It is about experiences intrinsically linked to creativity and all the emotions and memories that are lived before, during, and after any event.

GRUPO LIFE GOURMET masters the art of good food, creating stations, dishes, and appetizers that captivate the senses, the palate, and the emotions. We are proud to have contributed to the creation of exclusive packaging manufactured in Spain and in our facilities, committing ourselves and betting on supporting the good work of companies in our country. This approach not only translates into innovation in gastronomic content but also in packaging design, making it a luxurious element that reflects our dedication to quality and originality.

Faca Packaging is proud to be part of a project that goes beyond food, merging culinary excellence with creativity, emotion, and quality in every detail, from the workshop to the packaging. Premium containers that contain chef Alejandro Montes’ signature desserts: MAD CHEESECAKE, PIAMONTE, and YUZU PIE, which can be enjoyed at Galería Canalejas Café, in the heart of Madrid.



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