Faca Packaging at Global Incosmetics 2023 -Barcelona

Faca Packaging has participated in Incosmetics 2023 – Sustainability Zone”.

The in-cosmetics Group’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond personal care ingredient sourcing and includes a dedicated Sustainability Zone at its events. This zone showcases eco-friendly and sustainable products, services, and solutions from suppliers around the world, promoting the implementation of environmentally conscious practices throughout the industry.

In addition, the in-cosmetics Group acknowledges the significance of packaging in the personal care industry’s sustainability efforts. Therefore, the group includes packaging as a crucial aspect of its events, offering suppliers the opportunity to showcase their sustainable packaging solutions to professionals in the cosmetics industry. This focus on sustainability aligns with the in-cosmetics Group’s broader mission of facilitating interactions, conducting business, networking, and learning in a way that promotes a sustainable future for the personal care ingredient community.

We have been able to showcase our sustainable packaging manufacturing


LUXEPACK in Green Awards – Participation 2023

LUXEPACK, a pioneer in sustainable packaging, has long recognized that sustainability and environmental conservation are among consumers' top priorities. For the past 14 years, the LUXEPACK in green Awards have celebrated and honored the best sustainable packaging innovations and responsible...

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