Faca Packaging at Global Incosmetics 2023 -Barcelona

Faca Packaging has participated in Incosmetics 2023 – Sustainability Zone”.

The in-cosmetics Group’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond personal care ingredient sourcing and includes a dedicated Sustainability Zone at its events. This zone showcases eco-friendly and sustainable products, services, and solutions from suppliers around the world, promoting the implementation of environmentally conscious practices throughout the industry.

In addition, the in-cosmetics Group acknowledges the significance of packaging in the personal care industry’s sustainability efforts. Therefore, the group includes packaging as a crucial aspect of its events, offering suppliers the opportunity to showcase their sustainable packaging solutions to professionals in the cosmetics industry. This focus on sustainability aligns with the in-cosmetics Group’s broader mission of facilitating interactions, conducting business, networking, and learning in a way that promotes a sustainable future for the personal care ingredient community.

We have been able to showcase our sustainable packaging manufacturing


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