Awarded as Best Sustainable Packaging by Packaging Company

The 3rd edition of the VPC Green Beauty Awards, created by Ventas de Perfumería y Cosmética, has announced its winners, recognizing the best companies, brands, products, and green and solidarity initiatives in the beauty sector in Spain.

There have been many applications received, with a +17% increase in registered companies and a +158% increase in total categories. This has posed a real challenge for all the members of the jury, who ultimately selected the top three in each of the 13 categories under their deliberation. There is one additional category, the 14th category, the People’s Choice Award, which has also seen a 233% increase in online consumer voting.

An Initiative for Everyone.

As Carles Solsona, Sales Director of Perfumery and Cosmetics and president of the jury, pointed out, “The VPC Green Beauty Awards aim to recognize the work of both large multinational companies and small businesses taking their first steps in the industry. Some have all the financial means to make their company increasingly sustainable but also bear the burden of complex macrostructures that are difficult to change quickly. The smaller ones may have fewer resources but have been able to work towards sustainability from the beginning. Our recognition goes out to both groups.

Let’s not forget about those who, on this occasion, did not receive an award but deserve recognition for their efforts in striving for a better future for all.” And to leave no detail overlooked, it’s worth mentioning that the precious trophies awarded to the winners of these Green Beauty Awards are also “Green,” made from sustainable materials and ecological paints.

Best Sustainable Packaging by Packaging Company

GOLD AWARDS | T14#2-R de Faca Packaging


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