LUXEPACK in Green Awards – Participation 2023

LUXEPACK, a pioneer in sustainable packaging, has long recognized that sustainability and environmental conservation are among consumers’ top priorities.

For the past 14 years, the LUXEPACK in green Awards have celebrated and honored the best sustainable packaging innovations and responsible initiatives of the exhibitors.

In 2023, the event is doubling down on the commitment to make sustainable development an essential part of the show. The show aim to become the global barometer of eco-responsible packaging trends for luxury brands.

This year, Faca Packaging and Merck, will be participating with the “Circular Creativity project”.

This project uses recycled materials and innovative techniques to create sustainable packaging that is both beautiful and functional.

We believe that the Circular Creativity project is a great example of how sustainable packaging can be both stylish and environmentally friendly. We are proud to support this project and to help bring it to the attention of the global luxury packaging community.


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